DIY Sails

When it comes to DIY you have two options. You can purchase a ready made sail and install your fixing points and/or poles to suit, or you can install your fixing points and/or poles first then send us your measurements and we will manufacture a tailor made shade sail to suit your requirements. The other choice you will need to make is do you want a free standing sail (all poles) or would you like to attach it to an existing structure.


Wind and existing structural strength are major factors in any shade structure, so it is important to keep this in mind when choosing poles and locations for fixing points. If you are unsure whether the structure you plan to attach to is strong enough then you should consult an engineer or builder.

How much area would you like to cover?

Keep in mind Sails do not have straight edges, the edges need to be curved to allow the sail to be pulled out tight to prevent it sagging and flapping in the wind.

The position of your sail – how much shade would you like and when?

As we all know the sun rises in the east and sets in the west but as the seasons roll from Summer to Autumn and then into Winter the sun rises lower in the sky. You will need to take this into account when planning your fixing points as you would want maximum coverage during the middle of Summer and perhaps the sun to come in under the sail during the cooler months

Would you like the structure to provide you with shade only or would you like it to also be waterproof?

Shade cloth fitted with pitch will allow a light shower to run right off it but will not protect you in a downpour. Your other options here are Waterproof Shade Cloth or PVC.

How would it fit into your current surroundings?

Take the time to picture what it will look like or alternatively email us a digital photo of the area where you would most like the sail and we will superimpose an illustration of the sail on the photo and send it back.

What is available for your budget?

Shade Sails are more cost effective than a hard roof option but that is not to say they are cheap, Price is relative to quality and we believe quality is the key to a successful job every time.

Always remember, if you are that unsure about DIY we can always do it for you so for more information about DIY sail please feel free to give us a call.